Business Professionalism for the Legal Field

The Refined Lawyer

The Refined Lawyer™

Attorneys are under continual scrutiny by clients, boards, industry peers, judges, juries, the media, and those within firms. Firms need attorneys who can handle themselves in all types of business and social situations. Through The Refined Lawyer™, you will learn practical ideas and strategies that will help you present a more professional image as well as enable you to move with ease and confidence on any level in business, court, and public arenas.

The Refined Lawyer™ Programs

  • Building Positive Work Relationships for the New Attorney
  • Business Professionalism Essentials 
  • Effective Client Interactions: Cross Cultural Communications
  • Leading Global Legal Teams
  • Navigating the Nuances of the Business Meal
  • Office Communication in the 21st Century
  • Poise, Presence, Polish in the Courtroom
  • Power Networking - Your Personal Brand
  • Social Dining Skills for Spouses
  • Suiting Up - Your Professional Image & Understanding Business Casual   


International Protocol
Cultural competence can make or break international deals. The nature of our world requires communication skills with a global reach and understanding. Growing relationships with business professionals throughout the world make it essential that you understand the appropriate protocol of other nations and cultures. 

U.S. communication, negotiation and cultural styles do not translate across the globe. To be successful, legal professionals must be attuned to cultural and business differences – from simple dining etiquette and meeting protocol to cross-cultural relationship management.

Avoid critical faux pas. Learn what makes successful international communications in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe/Eurasia, Western Europe, Australia, and many other regions and countries. Additionally, learn to work effectively in a culturally diverse office place.

Critical topics covered in cultural competence seminars are:

  • Business Card Etiquette
  • Gestures
  • Body Language and Personal Space
  • Impact of Gender in Business
  • Meeting Protocol
  • Negotiation Strategies and Styles 
  • Time, Scheduling, and Punctuality
  • Dining Customs
  • Conversational Customs
  • Taboo & Tasteful Topics of Conversation
  • Appropriate Attire
  • Gift Giving
  • Home Entertaining Expectations 
  • Cross-Cultural Relationship Management
  • Travel Safety
  • and more! 

Staff Refinement

For firms to function optimally, all members of the team need to be involved. Your administrative staff are key members in serving clients – both internally and externally. Administrative staff are often the first contact a client has with your firm and they can be key in maintaining positive client relations. Professionalism and communication skills are essential for optimal client service and interoffice effectiveness. 

Staff Programs

  • Building Positive Work Relationships
  • Business Etiquette Essentials
  • Cross-Cultural Communications in the Law Office
  • Etiquette for Effective Interoffice Interactions
  • Office Communication in the 21st Century
  • Protocol for Effective Client Interactions
  • Succeeding with International Clients
  • ​Your Professional Image & Understanding Business Casual