Civility & Etiquette Centre

Learn to Navigate the Nuances of Communication, Build Relationships, and Create Positive Interactions

Programs on professionalism are offered for attorneys, and legal and administrative staff to improve communication and build relationships.  

Laura is the Founder of the Civility & Etiquette Centre, the only professionalism, civility, etiquette, and international communications consulting firm devoted exclusively to the legal community.

Focus is on legal professionals in law firms, in-house legal departments, legal associations, and government legal divisions. 


"Laura Barclay has presented "Navigating the Nuances of the Business Meal" for our senior-level DBM
clients twice now, and each session has received rave reviews. The clients found the content current and extremely applicable to them both personally and professionally. Laura's warm presentation and command of her topic combined to create an engaging and stimulating learning session. Thank you, Laura, for offering your sage wisdom to benefit our transitioning executive clients!"
                                                                                                   Gina Potito, Lead Consultant, DBM

"I hired Laura to have her brush up on my Business/Personal Etiquette and was blown away by her level of knowledge on the subject. I immediately was able to put into practice her lessons with my clients and colleagues. As a sales person I found her seminar invaluable!” 

      ​Kelly Schoeff, Sales Consultant, Administaff


What Clients Are Saying . . .

Professionalism & civility are key to your success


Business Professionalism for the Legal Field

Attorneys are under continual scrutiny by clients, boards, industry peers, judges, juries, the media, counterparts, and coworkers. Firms need attorneys who can handle themselves in all types of business and social situations. Through The Refined Lawyer™, you will learn practical ideas and strategies that will help you present a more professional image as well as enable you to move with ease and confidence on any level in business, court, and public arenas. For example, you will learn the answers to such situations as:

What do you do when meeting a potential client at a coffee shop and find they are on a call?
What do you do when you realize you have given a client a poor handshake?
How many business cards are appropriate to share at networking events?
Can you "friend" a client on Facebook?
Do men get the chair for a female colleague at a business meal?
When do you begin discussing business at a business meal?
What does "business casual" really mean?
What body language can erode credibility in the courtroom?

If you are looking to navigate the nuances of today's business world, interact more effectively with clients and coworkers, leading civility and professionalism expert, Laura Barclay, will guide you. 

The North Dakota Trade Office has hosted Laura multiple times to teach International Business Protocol classes to exporters and international business professionals in the state of North Dakota. Laura’s way of teaching protocol and etiquette is unlike any other presenter we have worked with. All attendees highly enjoy Laura’s teaching style and content and we always look forward to having her back to present to our companies.”

Lindsey Warner, Director of Marketing, NDTO